Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

Through the use of hypnosis, you can stop smoking in one hour without withdrawals, weight gain, or stress.  I have helped hundreds of clients kick the smoking habit.  To stop smoking you need two things.  First, you need the desire to quit.  Second, you need hypnosis.  The only thing you have to lose is the desire for cigarettes.

For most people, willpower and resistance is the worst way to break habits.  To use willpower, you have to be thinking about the habit and resisting it all day long.  This is somewhat akin to holding a beach ball under water or having hundreds of  files open on your computer at one time.  It takes a lot of memory and energy!

Hypnotherapy does not build willpower.  It is designed to eliminate or dramatically reduce the desire to smoke.  Instead of giving up something you really desire, you wonder why you ever started or continued to smoke.  Furthermore, hypnosis has been proven to help eliminate the urge for cigarettes without gaining weight.

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Lose Weight

You do not have to suffer to lose weight.  With hypnosis you can lose weight and keep it off the safe, simple way.  Hypnosis will help you change your eating habits and the way you think about food.  Hypnosis can help you become free of excess weight easily and permanently.

Through hypnosis, suggestions are given that will start a new, positive habit of eating the proper type and quantity of foods.  Hypnosis addresses other issues such as stress, exercise motivation, and emotional eating.  Hypnosis can also help you get past your plateau to continue to lose weight.

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